The Grant Rant: I’m Fine With KD to Golden State (and You Should Be, too)

On July 4th, Kevin Durant irrevocably altered the course of NBA history. Even if the newest version of the Golden State Warriors doesn’t work well together (unlikely) or if he changes his mind before the moratorium ends and goes somewhere else (unlikelier still, but let us never forget DeAndre), the debate his defection to the Dubs has sparked rivals only the kind of frothing rhetoric spewed following LeBron James’ infamous ‘The Decision’.

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Three for 3: Big Time Dreaming in NBA Free Agency

The NBA Free Agency period is nearly upon us, and there are a litany of interesting free agents looking for new homes. With the salary cap skyrocketing, NBA team have a silly amount of money to spend this off-season, which means we’re going to see serious bank handed out to guys we’re not totally sure deserve it. Dan Grant, Daniel Reynolds and Sean Woodley got together to take a look at some of their favourite free agents targets and potential landing spots.

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The Grant Rant: Dwane Casey is a Good Coach

To extend the winningest head coach in franchise history and a man who just led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals seems like a no brainer. Why is it then, that there’s a small, but extremely vocal portion of the Raptors fan base who seem to think this is tantamount to punting away the next three seasons? A group intent on slandering everything the man does? A faction that, every time a substitution is made that they disagree with, or a tactical gamble chosen that doesn’t work, or there’s traffic on the DVP, seem to revel in using his name as a curse word?

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