Picture Perfect Power Rankings: New Oscar Challengers Emerge

We’ve reached the second month of the Picture Perfect Power Rankings, with a new list of ten movies, a lot of familiar names, and a couple of new ones. In just 30-ish days, the Oscar fortunes of some films has dramatically changed, and yet, we’re still no closer to a definitive answer.

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NBA Western Conference Preview 2016-17: West is Best (Again)

Today, Same Page Editor-in-Chief and Raptors HQ Manager Daniel Reynolds , as well as the Internet’s John Gaudes, take on the West with the same vim and vigour as a mule trying to work his way through an oat bag on a cool autumn’s eve.

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NBA Eastern Conference Preview 2016-17: Will the East Beast?

The NBA is season kicks off tomorrow night with three games, as the new look New York Knicks visit the reigning champion Cleveland Cavaliers, the upstart Utah Jazz travel to Portland to face last years surprising Trail Blazers, and in a marquee match-up, the freshly ‘Duncanless’ San Antonio Spurs take on the big, bad Golden State Warriors, coming off (in case you hadn’t heard) a 73 win regular season and another NBA title a crushing Finals collapse.

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Toronto vs. Cleveland ALCS Preview: Get To Know Your Enemy

Toronto and Cleveland kick off the American League Championship series Friday night, and it has the whiff of a hard-fought series, full of gamesmanship. These are two teams with very specific strengths and weaknesses. Unlike the ALDS, where Cleveland faced a high powered Boston offense that sputtered and the Jays disposed of the smoke-and-mirrors whiny babies Rangers, these teams appear evenly matched.

Here are your four keys to the series. We’re going back to basics on these sweet babies.

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SP Mix: Bon Iver is Still Out There

In all the lead-up to 22, A Million, various promotional materials screamed the band’s new direction. The announcement was coupled with a note from Vernon’s friend, explaining that the album dealt with death and new leases on life. High concept art lined the band’s social feeds, as well as building sides in major cities. On the day of the album’s release, newspapers appeared below these billboard art pieces. Speakers on small boomboxes were tested to their limits, playing the album in its entirety.

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