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It Was Writing Killed The Beast: A “Kong: Skull Island” Review

That’s the first of many problems with Kong: Skull Island—the tone is completely off from that of Godzilla. Sure, as directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, there are moments of action and suspense similar to Edwards’ flick, but the tone of this film jumps up and down like a kangaroo in a bouncy castle. How can these two films cross over successfully when one is so starkly serious and the other so ludicrously flippant?

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The Stadium Dilemma: Who Pays For It Anyway?

It’s tough to watch a team relocate, even if they’re not your team. Whenever you see, for example, the San Diego Chargers moving to LA, you wonder, even for a minute, if any of the teams in your city might consider moving. You check on the age of your team facilities, and you listen more closely to team presidents and owners to see if they are hinting at needing a new stadium or making comments about team revenue and attendance. You’ve formed an emotional attachment to your team, and watching a competing team relocate is a reminder of what could happen to you.

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Horror In Reverse: A “Get Out” Review

As the tension in Get Out, the debut film from writer/director Jordan Peele, gradually mounts, my mind couldn’t help but recall the horror of America’s most recent election night. As the votes were counted and Donald Trump’s victory assured, noted Twitter user Myles Brown said of the result: “You scared? Don’t know who to trust? Feel like you’re surrounded? Congrats. You’ve been a minority for like an hour.”

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