The Grant Rant: The Blue Jays’ Potential Playoff Roster

It’s August 30th, and the Toronto Blue Jays have a widening, but still ‘post-movie popcorn’ like grip on first place in the American League East. It’ll be a dog fight to the end, with the eleven games remaining against Baltimore and Boston looking more and more like they’ll directly determine who will win the division, and who will be stuck battling it out in the one game Wild Card playoff on October 4th. The series opening win over the Orioles last night was a nice start.

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25 Deep: The Blue Jays March Melting Pot

For any team loaded with superstar talent, the glue that holds that talent together is key. Just ask Mike Trout and Bryce Harper; you can’t do it all yourself. For this Toronto team, a lot of that glue lies smack up in the middle of the defense. Can these players again be as effective as Toronto needs them to be, and help this club push itself over the top?

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