Welcome to the Team

Daniel Reynolds:

Welcome to samepageteam.com.  Why are we here?  I’m glad you asked.

For some time now, it felt like my friend Chris and I had been dancing around some half-formed idea, an undefined notion.  We found ourselves talking about the same things, enjoying the same stuff and sharing similar views.  One night, as these things usually happen, a plan formed over drinks and we finally decided to put our heads together, corral some friends and focus our rambling into something productive.  This site is the hopeful fruit of those efforts.

Chris Dagonas:

Hello, and thank you for accidentally stumbling across our little forum.  We here at samepageteam.com are committed to – well, somewhat interested in – creating a site for observers of all aspects of popular culture.  Sports, TV, Film, Music, Bars & Restaurants and Fashion are just some of the topics we will be vaguely skimming over to share our opinions, ideas and beliefs with you, loyal reader/accidental visitor.

We welcome your thoughts as well, and encourage you to share said thoughts with us.  We may even read them sometimes.  Sound good?

Ok, then.  I’m glad we’re on the same page.

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