The Old Adventures of the New “Wonder Woman”: A Review

And so we have it now: Wonder Woman, the film built around the third of DC’s classic trio of characters (along with Batman and Superman). It’s the first of its kind, and already marked as a success (after a $100 million opening weekend), which of course suggests a bright future for more. But, as with its male-led predecessors: is this necessarily a good thing?

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Brothers in Arms: A “Hell or High Water” Review

It takes some doing to surprise in a bank heist movie. We’ve seen it all before — films that avoid showing the heist entirely or build to it as a climax, films where the heist turns out well or goes poorly, films with every permutation in between. There’s a lack of new ground to map out there, is my point. Hell or High Water, the latest from director David Mackenzie, makes clear from the start it knows all of this; what’s more, it knows we know it too.

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