ESPN Layoffs a Harbinger of Major Changes

The big sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL) know they have a unique and valuable property, so they are working to maximize their TV contract dollars. They don’t care that ESPN is losing subscribers, and FOX Sports is hemorrhaging money. They want their money and they want it now. They are basically treating ESPN they way ESPN treated its subscribers.

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Saturday Morning Institution: Remembering “Batman: The Animated Series”

With the nature of TV nowadays, driven by an increasing number of streaming and on-demand services, the institution of the Saturday morning cartoon feels like something of a relic. Regardless of the era though, it does feel like something hard-coded into childhood memory; every kid has a story. After five days of getting up early for school, Saturday morning — a time when adults could not be bothered — was a special time. The house often quiet, the demands of the day (such as they were) far away. Go figure the best TV shows around made sure to air in those golden hours.

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