The Grant Rant: Dwane Casey is a Good Coach

To extend the winningest head coach in franchise history and a man who just led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals seems like a no brainer. Why is it then, that there’s a small, but extremely vocal portion of the Raptors fan base who seem to think this is tantamount to punting away the next three seasons? A group intent on slandering everything the man does? A faction that, every time a substitution is made that they disagree with, or a tactical gamble chosen that doesn’t work, or there’s traffic on the DVP, seem to revel in using his name as a curse word?

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Five Facts to Cheer Up Raptors Fans

With the 2015-16 NBA trade deadline dead and gone, it’s important to remember the Toronto Raptors still sit second in the Eastern Conference with a 35-17 record. That’s really good! Yes, that’s it. Step back inside. Close the window. Does that thing lock? Good. That’s good.

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