MVP Watch: What Are We Arguing About?

The NBA’s first ever award show is next week! Remember the NBA awards? Mostly for the regular season, that ended like ten weeks ago? Next week Drake is going to tell you who wins them! Fun stuff, amirite?

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Crushing Regret 2017: A Review of Our Pre-season NBA Picks Out West

This really needs no further introduction. You can read our Western Conference Preview here and our Eastern Conference preview here, just for your own schadenfreude-al enjoyment. Hush, it can be a verb. Last time we started with the East, so this time we’ll make like Fieval, and go West. Before the bloodletting starts, let’s see if we managed to get anything right.

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NBA MVP Watch: Russ vs. Oscar vs. History

Through 36 games, Westbrook has set the NBA on fire and watched it burn. The Thunder are 21-15, good for 6th in the Western Conference. It’s hard to argue that any player has been more instrumental to the success of his team than Westbrook. He’s averaging a league leading 30.9 points per game, is second in assists at 10.5 per game and, perhaps most shockingly, ranks 11th in the NBA with 10.5 rebounds per game. But it goes deeper than that.

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