TIFF 16: A Final Touch of the Old Magic

As always, the Toronto International Film Festival ends abruptly. One minute you’re racing from one theatre to the next, trying to squeeze in as many screenings as you can, and the next moment, just like that… it’s over. Before we collectively hibernate for the next 365 days (or something), let’s sit back and reflect on our time at TIFF. Here are five more reviews of films from the festival’s final three days.

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TIFF 16: Politics, Violence and a Bit of Love

The rhythms of TIFF by Friday, and the final weekend, are different. Most of the “stars” are gone, King Street is open, and while the films are still being shown day and night, the buzz has quieted down. There are still special presentations and galas, but much of the media has departed and most “normal” people are ready to get back to their everyday lives. But here are more reviews anyway.

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