If You Enjoy ‘Mr. Robot’, Then You’ll Love These Shows

By: Caroline Black

Mr. Robot is a pretty cool show; there’s no denying that! Its premise is somewhere between Fight Club and Breaking Bad, but it’s a totally unique entity, and we love it for that. It’s still ongoing, which means there’s going to be downtime between seasons.

What’s there to watch in the meantime? Plenty of other shows are worth streaming while you wait for the next season of Mr. Robot, if you’re in the U.S. anyway. If not, you might want to consider using a Virtual Private Network as recommended by Secure Thoughts so you can stream shows exclusive to U.S. viewers.

mr robot hoody

When Elliot of Mr. Robot is out of sight, what should you be watching?


Not dissimilar to Elliot, Dexter suffers from a major social disorder but lives by a strict code of ethics. That code of ethics somehow doesn’t include “killing people is bad” because that’s exactly what Dexter does. But it’s not all just murder. Dexter is an incredible crime drama series that’s absolutely worth picking up. [Ed. note: Just, uh, don’t read about how it ends.]

It runs a full eight seasons; you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied. It’s available on Netflix as well as Showtime, so you have a few different viewing options.

Orphan Black

If you’re interested in a show where one actor plays many different characters, look no further. Orphan Black is the story of Sarah Manning played by Tatiana Maslany, a woman who discovers there are others out there who look strikingly similar—so much so that they’re actually clones.

The story works out to be a sort of sci-fi thriller and is incredibly well done. It has all the hallmarks of conspiracy, ethical questions and, of course, a whole lot of drama. If you’re looking for a place to watch it, it’s available on Amazon Instant Video, which is especially convenient if you’ve already got Amazon Prime.

Black Mirror

Those of you looking for a brief but fascinating watch might be interested in Black Mirror, a British show that hit Netflix recently. Unlike the other shows, Black Mirror follows a style that is reminiscent of older TV series such as The Twilight Zone.

Each episode is entirely self-contained, with no overlap in characters or story from one to the next. In spite of that, the writing is remarkably clever, witty and engaging. It’s a great show to pick up when you’re just looking for a quick watch rather than sitting down to binge, as there’s no commitment between episodes.


The list just wouldn’t be complete without the addition of Sherlock. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s  character has been adapted to the modern era. Holmes is accompanied by the familiar Watson as he helps to solve mysteries as he did in the original Sherlock Holmes stories. The chief differences are in technology and Sherlock’s hesitancy to serve as a detective.

As a crime drama, Sherlock does a great job of putting together some intriguing cases. It’s a bit shorter than most series, but what it lacks in episodes it makes up for in quality. Adaptations don’t always go well, but this is one exception to that rule.

It’s also available on Netflix with three seasons and counting.

For now, Mr. Robot continues. Its first two seasons have thus far been very successful, with a third season recently announced to be on the way. But no doubt you’ll be left waiting a while between episodes, so it’s best to get your list queued with shows in the meantime.

What will you be watching until then?

Caroline blogs about her favourite shows as well as internet security. When she’s not working, she enjoys cozying up with a few good shows. Visit CultureCoverage.com if you’re interested in other articles she’s written.

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