Crushing Regret 2017: A Review of our Pre-Season NBA Picks Back East

I’d like to remind everyone that these were meant to be our under the radar predictions — that’s why we got through the West yesterday without really mentioning the Warriors and why you’ll see a noticeable absence of Cavaliers talk today. You can find that stuff anywhere; you come here because you probably clicked on the wrong link, and we intend to reward that careless behaviour with some real out-of-the-box NBA predictions!

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The Grant Rant: What’s Next for the Raptors?

This is undoubtedly a win for a Toronto team that has enjoyed its greatest successes over the past three seasons. The core of a Conference Finals team is intact, a homegrown All-Star in DeMar DeRozan has just re-signed long term, and fans are looking forward to the continued development of burgeoning big man Jonas Valanciunas, who turned 24 in the midst of last years playoff run. It’s not just a good time to be a Raptors fan, but the best time ever. Still though, a little voice wonders: ‘What’s next?’

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The Grant Rant: Dwane Casey is a Good Coach

To extend the winningest head coach in franchise history and a man who just led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals seems like a no brainer. Why is it then, that there’s a small, but extremely vocal portion of the Raptors fan base who seem to think this is tantamount to punting away the next three seasons? A group intent on slandering everything the man does? A faction that, every time a substitution is made that they disagree with, or a tactical gamble chosen that doesn’t work, or there’s traffic on the DVP, seem to revel in using his name as a curse word?

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