Why You Trippin’ Out?: A “Doctor Strange” Review

A person can go crazy trying to figure out which accent Benedict Cumberbatch puts on in Doctor Strange. He plays world-renowned surgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, based in Manhattan, but he definitely doesn’t sound like a New Yorker. No discussion is made of the man’s heritage, but it’s doubtful the accent’s background would be British — Cumberbatch’s natural voice. No, like much of Marvel’s latest movie, Dr. Strange’s accent is a vaguely funny, weird thing to be tried on and tossed off. The accent — which mostly just screams “pretentious asshole” — is part of the light fun of the film. It’s perhaps best not to go too crazy about it.

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Saturday Morning Institution: Remembering “Batman: The Animated Series”

With the nature of TV nowadays, driven by an increasing number of streaming and on-demand services, the institution of the Saturday morning cartoon feels like something of a relic. Regardless of the era though, it does feel like something hard-coded into childhood memory; every kid has a story. After five days of getting up early for school, Saturday morning — a time when adults could not be bothered — was a special time. The house often quiet, the demands of the day (such as they were) far away. Go figure the best TV shows around made sure to air in those golden hours.

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Five Hopes for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

Pitting the Avengers against each other on two sides (one supporting government regulation of superhero activity and the other opposing it), Civil War looks every bit as big as an ensemble Avengers film. It’s certainly poised to begin a new chapter of Marvel cinema, introducing new characters and establishing a plot line that isn’t just about our favorite heroes taking on a new villain together. All that said, however, there’s still a great deal we don’t know about this film. But here’s a bit of what we hope to see.

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